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PBFA & Lucky “Fall in Love with Plant Based” Retail Campaign

At PBFA, a big part of our mission is to increase availability and visibility for plant-based foods. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Lucky, a retail chain of 70 stores located throughout Northern California. This first-of-its-kind marketing campaign is aimed at educating shoppers about the wide variety of plant-based options available throughout Lucky stores.

The campaign’s slogan is “Fall in Love with Plant Based” and from now through December 2, Lucky stores will feature a variety of promotional and educational materials on the 16 PBFA member brands sold in Lucky Supermarkets. That’s right, 16 PBFA member brands are already offered at Lucky! From plant-based milks, to yogurt, to cheeses, to many varieties of meat. There is truly a plant-based option for everyone.

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Policy Win! California State-Run Facilities to Offer Plant-Based Options

In a landmark win for plant-based eaters, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law S.B. 1138, legislation to require that state-licensed healthcare facilities and state prisons provide plant-based food options to patients and incarcerated individuals.

Thank you, Governor Brown, and (lead sponsor) state Senator Nancy Skinner for your leadership in ensuring those in state facilities have access to plant-based meals.

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PBFA at Expo East and on Capitol Hill

PBFA is on a roll down the east coast! As you read in our blog earlier this month, our lobbyist Shannon Campagna and I attended the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) annual meeting in Hartford, CT.

From there, we went down the coast to Baltimore for our third year at the Natural Products Expo East! PBFA Membership director Sara Rutkowski and I visited with more than 30 of our members and numerous “future members”. We also conducted fun on-camera video interviews with several members (watch for some fun video clips coming soon). And we connected with plant-based industry leaders, investors, and hosted two fantastic events: a lobbying workshop for PBFA members and a packed happy hour for our friends in the plant-based foods community.

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Media Coverage for August 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 175

  • Online: 24
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 42
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 109

Total Circulation Reached: 62,646,589

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PBFA at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Annual Meeting

PBFA Executive Director, Michele Simon, and PBFA Lobbyist, Shannon Campagna, at the NASDA Board Meeting in Hartford, CT

This week, our lobbyist Shannon Campagna and I attended the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) annual meeting in Hartford, Connecticut to spend time with the nation’s agriculture leaders, their staff, and other supporters of U.S. agriculture. We have had many positive discussions with leaders of state agriculture departments. We were heartened by the positive feedback we received about working together for our common benefit.

Unfortunately, also at this meeting, NASDA’s membership voted on action item that encourages the FDA to enforce its outdated “standard of identity” for milk. While we’re disappointed that a few NASDA members put this forward, we remain optimistic about the future and finding common ground. Our shared message is clear: There’s room for everyone in the marketplace, so let’s work together to create opportunity for everyone.

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Media Coverage for July 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 60

  • Online: 21
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 3
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 36

Total Circulation Reached: 84,992,436

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Thank You to Senate Leaders for Supporting Common Sense

Today we take a moment to thank some of the champions in the United States Senate. In particular, fourteen Senators who went on the record yesterday in support of our industry by voting for an amendment (to a budget bill) that would have ensured that the FDA does not enforce outdated food labeling standards.

PBFA sends a very special thank you to Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) for their leadership in authoring the amendment.

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Plant-based sales are up – and we mean way up!

We have some very exciting and encouraging news to share. The plant-based foods industry is seeing tremendous growth, with sales up 20% since last year! According to a new study that we commissioned from Nielsen, a leading retail sales data company, plant-based food sales topped $3.3 billion over the past year. Read more

PBFA Testifies at FDA Meeting on Modernizing Food Labeling

Today, we presented testimony at the FDA’s public meeting on food labeling and other issues.

When it comes to plant-based milk, there’s room for everyone in the marketplace. Our data shows that 4 in 10 households contain both plant-based and cow’s milk in their refrigerator. The dairy lobby has not offered up any credible evidence of consumer confusion. As the FDA works to modernize its labeling rules, we are asking that the agency reject attempts by the dairy industry to misuse the regulatory system to favor one industry sector over another. At PBFA, we are fighting for a fair and equal opportunity for plant-based foods. Read more

Media Coverage for June 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 25

  • Online: 15
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 10

Total Circulation Reached: 18,835,949

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