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Success for the Plant Based Foods Association at Expo East and on Capitol Hill

Over the past week, PBFA rocked the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, and then met with members of Congress to educate policymakers about our growing industry.

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Plant Based Foods Industry Contributes $13.7 Billion Annually to U.S. Economy

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 20, 2016: The Plant Based Foods Association, a new trade association representing 52 of the nation’s leading plant-based food companies, today published an economic analysis of the industry’s contribution to the nation’s jobs, sales output, and tax base. The report estimates that the $4.9 billion plant-based food industry creates more than 60,000 jobs that pay a total of $3.6 billion in income each year. The data was released at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, a trade show with more than 25,000 attendees.

According to report author Jon Haveman of Marin Economic Consulting, incomes in the plant-based foods sector average $59,400, which is about $13,000 higher than the average U.S. income. “The plant based foods industry is a fast growing industry creating good, high-paying jobs,” said Haveman.

The report also estimates that at the current rate of growth, the plant-based food industry will add more than 2,000 jobs to the economy each year.

According to the report, economic activity in the plant-based foods industry leads to sales of $13.7 billion a year throughout the U.S. economy. In addition, the analysis estimates that plant-based food companies pay $1.1 billion in federal and state taxes each year, which represents 20% of the industry’s revenues. The report predicts that at current growth rates, the plant-based food sector will generate $13.3 billion in tax revenues over the next 10 years.

“This new data, combined with recent environmental research showing that meat substitutes produce 10 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar beef products, points to why public policies should support the growing plant-based foods industry,” said Michele Simon, executive director of the Plant Based Foods Association. “Plant-based foods are not only great for the nation’s economic health, they’re better for your own health and have a lighter environmental footprint,” she added.

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The $4.9 billion revenue figure was used to generate all the economic estimates in this report, using the 2016 IMPLAN model, an industry standard economic modelling system for estimating the economic impact of a given industry sector. The plant-based foods industry falls into the category of “other food manufacturing” in the IMPLAN model, so all data is representative of that larger category.

The Plant Based Foods Industry Contribution to the U.S. Economy


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Plant Based Foods Industry Contributes $13.7 Billion Annually to U.S. Economy

New analysis from the Plant Based Foods Association shows plant-based food sector added 60,000+ jobs that pay $13,000 higher annual salaries than average U.S. income. The growing industry also pays $1.1 billion in federal and state taxes each year.

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Investing in Policy Change to Fix Food

While food startups make headlines, our democracy also needs significant venture capital funding.

Read the latest op-ed by Michele Simon and Elizabeth Kucinich at New Hope.

Volunteer Opportunity: Social Media Guru

If you love plant-based foods and are skilled and passionate about social media the Plant Based Foods Association wants you! Join our team as a volunteer social media coordinator for a few hours a week to research and share news and articles about delicious and innovative plant-based foods, while promoting our members and their activities.


  • Research news, articles, and reports about plant-based foods
  • Share news as it happens on all social media platforms
  • Promote our members through social media
  • Expand our reach on various social media platforms and engage our followers


  • Solid understanding of various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Dependable and consistently available 5-10 hours per week during business hours
  • Confident working independently and taking direction as necessary
  • Passion for promoting plant-based food companies

To apply

Email Noelle Callahan at

Please include why you are interested in helping us with our mission, your qualifications, and availability.

Explosive Growth in Dairy Alternatives Market Expected through 2020, Study Finds

The recently published global forecast for the dairy alternatives industry by the research firm MarketsandMarkets projects strong growth through 2020, furthering evidence of consumer preferences trending toward a plant-based diet. Here we summarize the key findings of the study.

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Plant Based Foods Association Argues Idaho “Ag-gag” Law Is Anti-competitive

In requesting the appeals court to affirm the U.S District Court’s ruling that Idaho’s Code § 18-7042 is unconstitutional, the association is joining numerous other organizations, journalists, and scholars to overturn this law.

“Idaho’s law places our members who make and sell plant-based foods at an unfair economic disadvantage, given the negative effects this law has on consumer access to information in the market place,” said the association’s Executive Director Michele Simon. “Plant-based food companies are at a competitive disadvantage if consumers don’t know the truth about industrial meat production,” she added.

“Ag-Gag” is a term used to describe a number of laws that have emerged in numerous states in recent years. The brief argues that these laws impair the ability of journalists, whistle-blowers, and other concerned parties to investigate, document and report concerns in animal production facilities. These concerns often include food safety and health risks, animal welfare problems, worker’s rights violations, and other matters of great public interest.

The brief also argues that truthful information about food production is critically important to consumers and competition, and that by severely limiting the available information about food production, the Idaho statute harms consumers and competition.

coalition seeking to affirm the district court decision to strike down this law includes: Animal Legal Defense Fund, American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho, Center for Food Safety, numerous journalists and other civil rights and environmental organizations. After the briefing is completed, an oral argument date will be set, and the Ninth Circuit’s decision could be expected sometime next year.

You can read the entire brief here.

CASE NO. 1:14 -cv-00104-BLW

Plant Based Foods Association Argues Competitive Harm in Brief Filed in Idaho’s “Ag-Gag” Law Challenge

Yesterday the Plant Based Foods Association submitted an amicus (friend of the court) brief to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals requesting it to affirm the U.S District Court’s ruling that Idaho’s “Ag-Gag” statute is unconstitutional. This is the first time that a U.S appellate court will consider the constitutionality of an “Ag-Gag” law. In addition, the Plant Based Foods Association submitted a brief making the novel legal argument that the law places plant-based foods at an unfair economic disadvantage, given the negative effects this law has on consumer access to information and competition in the market place. Read more

Exponential Global Growth of the Meat Substitutes Industry Projected through 2020, Study Finds

The MarketsandMarkets’ recently published study “Meat Substitutes Global Forecast through 2020” projects the exponential global growth of the meat substitutes industry. Here we offer a summary of the findings.

Growth by Region

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