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Plant-based sales are up – and we mean way up!

We have some very exciting and encouraging news to share. The plant-based foods industry is seeing tremendous growth, with sales up 20% since last year! According to a new study that we commissioned from Nielsen, a leading retail sales data company, plant-based food sales topped $3.3 billion over the past year. Read more

PBFA Testifies at FDA Meeting on Modernizing Food Labeling

Today, we presented testimony at the FDA’s public meeting on food labeling and other issues.

When it comes to plant-based milk, there’s room for everyone in the marketplace. Our data shows that 4 in 10 households contain both plant-based and cow’s milk in their refrigerator. The dairy lobby has not offered up any credible evidence of consumer confusion. As the FDA works to modernize its labeling rules, we are asking that the agency reject attempts by the dairy industry to misuse the regulatory system to favor one industry sector over another. At PBFA, we are fighting for a fair and equal opportunity for plant-based foods. Read more

Media Coverage for June 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 25

  • Online: 15
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 10

Total Circulation Reached: 18,835,949

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We are hiring! Major Gifts Consultant

PBFA is seeking a part-time / consulting major gifts fundraising expert. Are you passionate about plant-based foods? Help us build and enhance relationships to support our 501 C-3 non-profit arm, the PBFA Research and Education Fund.

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PBFA’s New Voluntary Standards for the Labeling of Plant-Based Milks

The Plant Based Foods Association has developed voluntary standards to promote consistency in labeling across the plant-based milk category.

About one year ago, PBFA formed a standards committee consisting of leaders of PBFA member companies that represent a cross-section of plant-based alternatives, including milks.

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Media Coverage for May 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 17

  • Online: 12
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 1
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 4

Total Circulation Reached: 27,710,327

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Why PBFA Supports the Checkoff Reform Amendment

The farm bill debate is now in full swing in the House.

Included in a flurry of amendments is an important measure that goes to the heart of PBFA’s policy agenda to level the playing field for our members.

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Media Coverage for April 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 14

  • Online: 10
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 4

Total Circulation Reached: 13,750,050

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Earth Day Food for Thought: Reduce Food Waste with Plant-Based Foods

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explores a different side of food waste, the “opportunity food loss” of producing animal-based products and the advantages of plant-based alternatives.

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U.S. Cattleman’s Association Petitions USDA

Similar to the milk lobby’s protest against words like soymilk, a sector of the beef industry is also unhappy with how some meat alternatives are labeled. We recently sent this Q&A to explain to our members what’s going on.

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