Miscellaneous News

Media Coverage for December 2017

December 2017
Total Press Hits Generated: 18

  • Online: 12
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 6

Total Circulation Reached: 1,653,059

All of 2017
Total Press Hits Generated: 822

  •  Online: 204
  • Broadcast (TV & Radio): 244
  • Print (Newspapers & magazines): 374

Total Circulation Reached: 449,588,368

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Media Coverage for November 2017

Total Press Hits Generated: 40

  • Online: 20
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 7
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 13

Total Circulation Reached: 25,257,163

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Position Filled-We are hiring! Job Posting — Admin Assistant Plus

We are seeking a talented self-starter who can build on our early momentum and support our growing community of passionate business leaders. The Admin Assistant’s work will support our important programs in retailer and food service outreach and policy change.

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Media Coverage for October 2017

Total Press Hits Generated: 129

  • Online: 21
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 87
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 21

Total Circulation Reached: 22,084,235

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Campbell Soup Company Joins the Plant Based Foods Association and Sparks Widespread Interest

The Plant Based Foods Association is proud to announce our newest member, Campbell Soup Company, advancing our shared goal of bringing more plant-based foods to the growing market.

For more details, you can read the press release here.

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