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Join PBFA at Expo West to Celebrate Year 2

Come find us at the Natural Products Expo West, where PBFA will celebrate our second anniversary of promoting the plant-based foods industry.

In that short time, we have accomplished a lot, including:

We are also humbled to have recently received the Efforts on Behalf of Industry Award from the Nutrition Business Journal, a New Hope publication.

For more great accomplishments see our spiffy Year 2 in Review report.

Where you can find us at Expo West!

We will be right next to Daiya Foods, booth #1105. Please stop by, especially for our Happy Hour, Friday, 4:30 – 6:00pm. And on Saturday at 10am, see our Executive Director Michele Simon as a panelist on Farm Bill 2018: What You Need to Know.

We are so excited to see everyone and celebrate the outstanding work of our members, staff, and other supporters. And trying all the delicious plant-based samples!

For Media and more information contact:  Janli@plantbasedfoods.org / (415) 704-8799.

New Report from PBFA: Year 2 in Review

It’s been an exciting second year as our young association reaches the toddler phase. Our fancy new report highlights:

  • Growing to more than 100 company members, 80 affiliates, and 12 investor members;
  • Attracting large members such as Campbell Soup Company;
  • Launching a third membership category for investors;
  • Hosting our first Lobby Day and stalling the “Dairy Pride Act”;
  • Launching the PBFA Research and Education Fund, an affiliate organization which allows us to accept tax-deductible donations.

Read the entire report here. Thanks to our passionate members, donors, and other supporters, we are taking plant-based foods to the next level, together.

New Resource from PBFA: A Guide to Plant-Based Alternatives

Are you interested in including more plant-based alternatives in your food service kitchen or retail store? New to plant-based eating and want to know your options, what they are, and how to use them? Now, the Plant Based Foods Association has you covered; we compiled a comprehensive guide to the most common plant-based alternatives to help get you started!

Explore plant-based alternatives to meats, dairy, and eggs and learn helpful tips on how to enjoy them. We’ve included:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives (seitan, tempeh, tofu, jackfruit)
  • Plant-based milks (almondmilk, soymilk, cashewmilk)
  • Plant-based cheeses (blocks, shreds, sauces)
  • Plant-based yogurt, butter, and egg replacer.

We know the demand for plant-based options is on the rise in cafeterias, restaurants, and retail stores and hope this guide will give you ideas on how best to include meat and dairy alternatives in your recipes. Download your copy here.

Want to know which PBFA member companies make these foods? Check-out our user-friendly, searchable online directory of plant-based dairy, meat, and eggs, and more. Results will link you directly to our member companies who offer these foods. Check back often as our membership is growing! Visit: plantbasedfoods.org/our-members.


Media Coverage for February 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 16

  • Online: 13
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 3

Total Circulation Reached: 5,900,713

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Media Coverage for January 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 54

  • Online: 15
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 36
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 3

Total Circulation Reached: 1,854,313

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