Plant Based Foods News

Why PBFA Supports the Checkoff Reform Amendment

The farm bill debate is now in full swing in the House.

Included in a flurry of amendments is an important measure that goes to the heart of PBFA’s policy agenda to level the playing field for our members.

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Media Coverage for April 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 14

  • Online: 10
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 4

Total Circulation Reached: 13,750,050

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Earth Day Food for Thought: Reduce Food Waste with Plant-Based Foods

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explores a different side of food waste, the “opportunity food loss” of producing animal-based products and the advantages of plant-based alternatives.

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U.S. Cattleman’s Association Petitions USDA

Similar to the milk lobby’s protest against words like soymilk, a sector of the beef industry is also unhappy with how some meat alternatives are labeled. We recently sent this Q&A to explain to our members what’s going on.

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Media Coverage for March 2018

Total Press Hits Generated: 21 

  • Online: 14 
  • Broadcast (TV/Radio): 0
  • Print (Newspapers & Magazines): 7 

Total Circulation Reached: 5,742,570 

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