Plant Based Foods Association Statement on Meat Lobby’s Local Super Bowl Ad

The following is a statement from PBFA’s Executive Director Michele Simon:

The misleading and disingenuous ad from the ironically-named “Center for Consumer Freedom” that ran only in the Washington, DC television market last night during the Super Bowl is the latest example of the hypocrisy and absurdity of this front group and its well-heeled meat industry backers.

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Plant Based Foods Association Ramps Up State Advocacy Efforts in California

Sacramento, CA – The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the industry trade association representing more than 170 plant-based food companies, is expanding its efforts in its home-state of California with the addition of an influential lobbyist to its advocacy team. PBFA has 41 PBFA members headquartered in California, including many leading brands. California is known for both its innovation and delicious foods.

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Advocating for Plant-Based Foods in Washington DC

September was a busy month for plant-based food policy in our nation’s capitol!

Plant Based Foods and Opportunities for American Farmers

This year’s Congressional briefing focused on opportunities for American farmers to grow input ingredients for plant-based foods. We invited members of congress and their staff, and over 100 RSVPd, demonstrating a strong interest.

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Investing in Policy Change to Fix Food

While food startups make headlines, our democracy also needs significant venture capital funding.

Read the latest op-ed by Michele Simon and Elizabeth Kucinich at New Hope.

Op-ed: Government policies support environmentally harmful meat production

We are excited to publish our first op-ed article in The Hill newspaper! It’s about a new study that found meat substitutes have 10 times less environmental impact than conventional meat, and yet our government policies are not in alignment with the science. You can read the article co-authored by Michele Simon and Elizabeth Kucinich here.