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PBFA is the only organization taking a public health approach to getting people to eat more plant-based foods. Public health research shows that the key to better eating is “changing the food environment”, which means not just educating people about what they should eat but also ensuring that great-tasting plant-based foods are widely available, convenient, and affordable.

Retailer Education

Through our affiliate organization, the PBFA Research and Education Fund, we are developing partnerships with major retailers interested in expanding their plant-based offerings. We are sharing data on trends and opportunities for stores to reach more consumers. In addition, PBFA is helping to make the retail experience easier by making plant-based foods easy to locate through increased visibility and signage. Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting program!

Retail Sales Data

In 2018, PBFA updated our commissioned data from Nielsen, the leading retail research company, for various plant-based food categories. The results showed that the total retail market for the plant-based food sector is growing at 20% and tops $3.3 billion in sales. See our summary of the exciting results here.

Plant Based ApprovedPlant-Based Stamp

PBFA is working closely with a third-party certifier, NSF, to create a robust program that will offer companies a PBFA-defined, “plant-based” seal of for their packaged foods. Stay tuned, this program should roll out by this fall!

Food Service

To truly expand the market for plant-based foods, PBFA believes we must make these foods available to consumers everywhere they eat, not just at home. This means restaurants, cafeterias (at work and school), and beyond.

PBFA offers educational resources to food service professionals.

Guide to Plant-based Alternatives (Download PDF)

Explore plant-based alternatives to meats, dairy, and eggs and learn helpful tips on how to enjoy them. We’ve included:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives (seitan, tempeh, tofu, jackfruit)
  • Plant-based milks (almondmilk, soymilk, cashewmilk)
  • Plant-based cheeses (blocks, shreds, sauces)
  • Plant-based yogurt, butter, and egg replacer.

Online Directory

Our online directory of our members’ plant-based foods provides you with a user-friendly search tool to learn more.

Do you want to support our work to make plant-based options more widely available? Then donate online to our PBFA Research and Education Fund today. Thank you!

A guide to Plant Based Alternatives