Given our current organizational structure, dues from members are used to support the policy work of PBFA. However, contributions from donors like you are critical to advancing the educational work of our 501(c)(3) affiliate, the PBFA Research and Education Fund.

The PBFA Research and Education Fund’s work includes:

  • Persuading conventional retailers to expand shelf space for plant-based foods;
  • Helping college and university food service directors offer plant-based options;
  • Educating reporters about the critical role plant-based food companies play.

The PBFA Research and Education Fund is also in the process of designing and executing research projects to determine best practices for merchandising plant-based foods, understand what drives consumers to purchase more plant-based foods, and more.

In the fall of 2018, we successfully executed our first-of-its-kind retailer partnership, “Fall in Love with Plant Based,” with Lucky Supermarkets. The campaign was aimed at educating shoppers about the 20 PBFA member brands available throughout the 70 Lucky Supermarket locations in Northern California. It was a tremendous success complete with widespread media attention, a celebrity appearance by Tabitha Brown, in-store promotions, and numerous marketing tactics.

We need your help to expand the opportunities for plant-based foods in the marketplace.

Please consider supporting this groundbreaking work with a donation today. The 501(c)(3) status of the PBFA Research and Education Fund means your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

You can donate below or mail a check made out to “PBFA Research and Education Fund” to:

Plant Based Foods Association
4 Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400
San Francisco, CA 94111

Thank you for your support!

“Fall in Love with Plant Based” 2018 Lucky Campaign Highlights