Introducing… Plant Based Foods Association

Leading plant-based food companies have formed a new trade association to advocate for better policies and promote plant-based eating. This introductory video features interviews with executives of charter member companies, our executive director, and other plant-based food leaders.

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  1. Millicent Lee
    Millicent Lee says:

    I am an advocate for plant based foods less illness diseases best for healthy lifestyle but what can we do for people who are not as fortunate to have variety of plant or have climatic barriers.

  2. Leeanna
    Leeanna says:

    Slowly turning my family into vegans…plz don’t tell them….😂 this is so inspiring and I’m proud to move forward in this direction you go guys!

  3. James Rodgers
    James Rodgers says:

    I enjoy Daiya products which allows MAC and CHEESE, cheese on plant based burgers, great salad dressing and more as we create!


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