Madeline Haydon
Founder & CEO

We are proud to be a founding member of PBFA. Our small, family-owned dairy-free brand now has a voice on national policy issues that support the growing plant-based community, and have also benefited from networking opportunities. PBFA has helped us grow our business in more ways than one.

Seth Tibbott
Chairman & Founder

The Tofurky Company realizes that the movement towards plant-based diets is bigger than any one brand. By binding together with companies who share our vision of a meat-free future, we all become stronger and the world becomes a more compassionate place.

Jared Olkin

We started our plant-based gelato company to make it easier for people to eat and live better. PBFA is filling a critical gap in the food system that will make it easier for companies like ours to succeed and to create the change in infrastructure and culture.

Cole Jones
General Manager

At Sunshine Burger, we believe plant-based, whole foods are the strongest foundation for any diet. In the Plant Based Foods Association, we were delighted to find an organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of a plant based diet to the widest possible audience. Our industry needs a vocal advocate and we have one in the Plant Based Foods Association!

David Benzaquen
Founder & CEO

The PBFA is the single most important trade organization representing the interests of plant-based food companies. As a brand management and marketing agency, becoming an affiliate member and supporting PBFA’s mission was an easy decision. We are proud to partner with the PBFA in creating a more level playing field and favorable climate for plant-based food companies nationwide.

Suzanne Duval d’Adrian
Marketing & Social Media

Enrich is proud to be part of the Plant Based Foods Association. Being an affiliate member of this phenomenal trade group has allowed our design firm to develop relationships with like-minded organizations that share our passion for the plant-based lifestyle.

Aubry Walch

The Plant Based Foods Association has been an invaluable resource for us as a young and fast-growing business. Every time that we have needed help in searching for ingredients, packaging, retail product options, or general business requests, Michele has connected us to the right people or company. We are so fortunate to be members of a passionate and like-minded food association. We look forward to building lasting relationships with PBFA and its members.

Bob Goldberg

Follow Your Heart was eager to join with others in founding the Plant Based Food Association because we believe so strongly in the value of plant based foods and the importance in today’s world of fostering the growth of the category. The strength provided by banding together with others to raise the visibility and voice of the plant-based foods sector, as well as to put forth solutions to many of the concerns we all face today, were the main motivating factors for us in helping to get the PBFA off the ground. What we’ve seen is that this effort has clearly been very successful and has also been effective in helping us to sharpen the focus on our company’s mission.

Ryan Fletcher
Director of Movement Media (PR firm representing Dr. Bronner's)

As evidenced by the press coverage and placements featuring representatives and members of the Plant Based Foods Association thus far, the PBFA is becoming an increasingly sought after and essential source for the news media.