Certified Plant Based

The plant-based food and beverage market is thriving, and we’re seeing the phrase “plant-based” on an increasing number of foods. PBFA seeks to ensure consumer confidence in the meaning of those words. In 2018, PBFA and NSF International launched a Certified Plant Based seal program, the first plant-based food certification. Apply for the CPB program today and provide your consumers with a visual confirmation that your product is plant-based!

Why Certified Plant Based?

  1. Differentiate your products.
  2. Broaden consumer appeal.
  3. Protect your brand.
  4. Define plant-based foods for consumers, retailers.
  5. Enhance your sustainability story. 

Definition: Plant-based food

Plant-based food is defined as a finished product consisting of ingredients derived from plants that include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and/or legumes (peas, beans, pulses, etc.). Additionally, fungi and algae, although not technically plants, will also be counted towards the percentage of plant-based ingredients.

View the protocol here.

Fee Schedule

  • Members’ fees are waived for each licensed product

  • Non-members pay $75 per product 

    You can view the fee schedule here.

List of Products Labeled CPB

You can view the product list here



The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

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The ‘Certified Plant Based’ seal will help us build consumer advocacy beyond PBFA, which is what we need to create the tipping point on plant- based eating.
Brian Orlando

Chief Marketing Officer, Upfield