PBFA Member Profile: Meet Meatless Farm Co.

The Founder’s Story

Three years ago, Morten Toft Bech, founder of British start-up, The Meatless Farm Co was set a challenge by his wife. After raising their three children as vegetarians, it became difficult to cook easy, tasty, healthy family favorites as life became busier. Morten’s wife set him the task of creating a meat alternative that could be used for cooking their family favorites more easily, which still had a great taste and texture alongside a great nutritional value. From there, Toft Bech created The Meatless Farm Co, working alongside a team of food scientists in Reading to develop the first plant-based recipes. After lots of work and over 50 recipe combinations, Morten and the team created a plant-based recipe that truly delivered on taste and texture using ingredients such as; pea, soya and rice proteins, chicory root and caramelized carrot.

Since inception, the company has achieved rapid growth in the plant-based sector, both nationally and internationally, with CEO Robert Woodall and MD Richard Harrison at the helm, driving the business further on its upward trajectory.

What foods does Meatless Farm make?

The Meatless Farm Co, based in Leeds, has a range of products. Its fresh plant-based mince was the first product to be launched. Meatless Farm Co are absolutely committed to helping people who eat meat make small changes to their diets, with mince being a staple food in most UK family’s fridges. Whether it be spaghetti bolognese, Lasagne or Chili con carne – Meatless Farm Co believe that if it can get the everyday solution right, replacing that centre of plate item then real change will happen. Soon after the launch of their fresh mince it introduced burger patties. And, most recently, the brand launched new plant-based sausages.

The products are now available in Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Co-op in the UK, international listings in Canada, Sweden and the UAE. We also recently debuted in Whole Foods Market nationwide in the U.S. Furthermore the foodservice business is steadily growing and the brand is now listed with a number of operators and distributors.

What do you enjoy about being a member of PBFA? 

Being a part of the PBFA is really important. Whether a category is new or established, having representation at industry level is essential. It helps to unite like-minded businesses and promote the sector to consumers and key stakeholders and helps the company to challenge itself as a business.

Learn more about Meatless Farm Co.:

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