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A core function of PBFA is to level the playing field for our member companies. We remove obstacles that place plant-based foods at an economic disadvantage. Here are our current policy priorities.


PBFA opposes any policy effort to restrict the use of commonly understood words on meat and dairy alternatives.

PBFA opposes the U.S. Cattleman’s petition to USDA

See our letter to USDA opposing the petition.

See our Q&A regarding petition on our blog.

PBFA supports creating voluntary labeling standards: PBFA’s Standards Committee works to create voluntary industry standards for labeling of:

Farm Bill

PBFA believes our agricultural policy should level the playing field and support the growing plant-based foods sector through:

  • Increased support for specialty crops (e.g., grains, nuts, seeds)
  • Promoting research for plant-based protein sources
  • Removing anti-competitive policies

See our press release and letter to Congress for our full farm bill agenda.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

PBFA supports an increased emphasis on plant-based foods in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

See our oral testimony at the July 2019 Second Meeting of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

See our submitted letter for dietary guidelines advisory committee nominations.

See our submitted letter for suggestions topic areas summarized on our blog.

See our oral testimony at the February 2016 listening session hosted by USDA.

School Food

PBFA supports the growing trend toward healthier and more sustainable alternatives to conventional meat and dairy in our nation’s schools.

See our letter in support of California bill A.B. 479 to incentivize plant-based entrées and milks in K-12 public schools.

See our letter to USDA requesting inclusion of tempeh in Child Nutrition Programs.


PBFA submitted an amicus brief on Idaho’s anti-competitive “ag-gag” law.

PBFA supports SB 1138, a California bill for plant-based options in state institutions.