In a landmark win for plant-based eaters, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law S.B. 1138, legislation to require that state-licensed healthcare facilities and state prisons provide plant-based food options to patients and incarcerated individuals.

Thank you, Governor Brown, and (lead sponsor) state Senator Nancy Skinner for your leadership in ensuring those in state facilities have access to plant-based meals.

PBFA worked with our partner organization Friends of the Earth to support the legislation writing a letter in support of the legislation. As Friends of the Earth deputy director of food and agriculture, Kari Hamerschlag, said:

“Providing patients and currently incarcerated individuals with a plant-based option is critical to ensuring their rights to healthy foods that meet religious, ethical and dietary needs. Beyond the benefit to health and personal choice, serving more plant-based foods in California’s large institutions is essential for the state to reduce its climate impact and conserve water.”

PBFA will continue our support by pushing for similar legislation in other states. California often leads the way and we expect other states will soon follow.